squeeze VERB 1) firmly press from opposite or all sides. 2) extract (liquid or a soft substance) from something by squeezing. 3) (squeeze in/into/through) manage to get into or through (a restricted space). 4) (squeeze in) manage to find time for. 5) obtain from someone with difficulty. 6) (squeeze off) informal shoot (a round or shot) from a gun.
NOUN 1) an act of squeezing or the state of being squeezed. 2) a hug. 3) a small amount of liquid extracted by squeezing. 4) a strong financial demand or pressure. 5) (often main squeeze) N. Amer. informal a person's girlfriend or boyfriend.
put the squeeze on — Cf. ↑put the squeeze on
DERIVATIVES squeezable adjective squeezer noun.
ORIGIN from obsolete queise, of unknown origin.

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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